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    Singer-songwriter Robin James has been called a power-house, whose voice shoots straight to the heart.


    Born and raised with a singer-songwriter mom, James started singing at a young age, developing a life-long passion for music. A pianist and guitar player, James has married all her talents and experiences into a unique Folk/Pop style.


    Her musical style is influenced by the Blues, Alternative, Rock and Country music, creating a savory mix. James has been compared to Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, Natalie Maines, and other artists.


    A seasoned studio lead and harmony vocalist, she has performed on countless albums for other artists at Howlin' Dog Records with Don Richmond, her producer, as well as other studios. She has shared the stage with Susan Gibson, The Rifters, Bill Hearne, Michael Hearne, Honey House, Paul Pearcy and Mark Dudrow to name a few. 


    Robin's third Album "Balloons" is a journey of sweet moments, rocking jaunts with ghosts and wayfaring strangers. It is a mix of sadness and triumph, loneliness and acceptance. Folky blues and Rock dance with alternative flare. It's a journey under the stars, a contemplative afternoon in the rain. Balloons takes us on a flight into the sky.


    Her second album, Dusty Road focuses on life's journeys, with songs that are indicative of life as it’s drawn in the dirt. It’s about love, letting go, and giving in. It's a place where James’ soulful voice and deep lyrics take root. James won the South West Indie Award for Best Folk Song in 2016 for the title track of Dusty Road.


    Robin's debut album, People Say, included two songs, written by her mom. Her exemplary vocals on the two, Shady Lady and Hometown Faces, took both songs to the semi-finals in the Dallas Songwriter's Association International Songwriting Competition.


    Robin feels she is ever-changing and that her life, like her music, is always evolving. Her music conveys emotions that come with living, with a voice that stops people in their tracks as she shares that deep love of music and life with her audiences.


    The snow-capped mountains and high desert valleys of Colorado, where she now lives, are as much a part of her as the dusty roads she traveled growing up on the plains and arid landscapes of New Mexico and Texas. Her childhood was filled with music and dreams. That hasn't changed. Her life still is.

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